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Upright Freezer Cooling System

Sep 21, 2017

Upright Freezer Cooling System

Freezer: upright freezer refrigeration system block how to do?

   Upright freezer due to system leakage or caused by the compressor does not stop, no cooling, poor cooling effect, is a vertical failure of the freezer, due to maintenance errors caused by system congestion is a common fault.

First, the vertical freezer refrigeration system blockage is generally a dirty block and ice block, oil block the fault is rare.

    Dirty shutoff is due to impurities in the refrigeration system (oxide, copper, slag, etc.), when they are in the refrigerant circulation, in the capillary or dry filter clogging. Ice block is due to the cooling system into the water caused by, R12 itself contains a certain amount of water, coupled with the maintenance of the vacuum process requirements are not strict, into the fluoride process into the water, there is leakage because of the compressor Water, when the compressor under high temperature refrigerant liquid into a gas state, so that the water will be recycled with the refrigerant into the thin and long capillary. When the moisture content per kilogram of refrigerant over 20 mg, the filter inside the dry silicon particles to saturation, and then can not absorb moisture, then when the capillary outlet temperature below zero, the water will be separated from the refrigerant, condensation At the exit of the capillaries, ice blocks are formed.

    Dirty block and ice block can be divided into full block and half blocked, the failure phenomenon for the evaporator does not frost or frost dissatisfaction, the condenser candidate temperature is high, hand touch dry filter or condenser no temperature, cut the process tube A large number of gas spray, to prove that the system is not smooth circulation.

    After the formation of ice block, the compressor exhaust resistance increases, the condenser is not hot, heating the evaporator for a period of time, but also can work properly, but in continuous work for some time to re-emergence of the fault, which is the characteristics of ice blocking.

Second, the vertical freezer refrigeration system leakage, most occurred in the evaporator, condenser, anti-exposed, etc.,

 There are welded joints, the general freezer freezers are made of aluminum materials and lashing made of steel, the production process is poor, poor quality of the material, in the course of a long pause, no cleaning and drying, was Oxidation and decay, there is leakage, there is due to improper use, in the clean-up and handling which caused the vibration and collision caused by leakage. Refrigeration system leakage, manifested as: cooling effect decreased, not cooling and so on. Therefore, in the inspection of such failures only by the compressor without stopping, no cooling, poor cooling effect to determine the cooling system is blocked or leaked its reasons are not sufficient, should be based on specific phenomena analysis and identification.