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Upright Freezer Energy Consumption And More Factors

Jul 21, 2017

Upright Freezer Energy consumption and more factors

Freezer: What are the factors that lead to freezer energy consumption?

Now is the era of green energy conservation, freezer is a relatively large power consumption of equipment, big guys have put the refrigerator is really want to use the freezer to reduce the cost of use, especially the supermarket this place every day freezer use time is Very long power consumption is also very large, so the electricity is not a small number, and now energy is the primary purpose of all businesses, how do you need to achieve the effect of energy saving?

Here to share some of the small energy to reduce the freezer it!

We have to consider the factors inside and outside the refrigerator so as to ensure that the refrigerator really cool energy, if the freezer inside the condenser cooling function will be freezer food can not bring the heat and the outside world for effective exchange and poor ventilation, this will be The cooling time will increase, and the power consumption will increase as well as the heat generated by the freezer switch door. If the ambient temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius, the energy consumption of the refrigerator is twice as much as usual. We must always pay attention to these details in order to achieve the effect of energy saving.

  In the application of freezers, I believe that we know more about how to save some energy-saving methods, we know that these are only the most common way to save energy, then how flexible application of the freezer to achieve the best energy saving it? Let's take a look!

First: accurate adjustment of the refrigeration system

Freezer refrigeration system in the course of work, is in different environmental conditions continue to change, so we have to timely adjust the refrigeration system, so that the best use of refrigeration systems to achieve the most efficient energy-saving.

Second: freezer lighting energy saving

Freezer lighting system, we have to point out from the scientific and rational energy-saving point of view, according to the needs of the freezer to consider the lighting inside the freezer as long as the focus can be concentrated in the workplace, we also have to choose some high efficiency and low consumption of lighting tools , With the reduction rate.

Third: regular cleaning and oiling

According to the data analysis if the evaporator tube as long as the 0.1mm oil film, the evaporation temperature will be reduced, power consumption will have to increase more than 10 percent. If there is dirt in the freezer will increase the consumption of electricity, so we regularly cut and put oil.

There is a lot of food to be refrigerated in summer, and we can not put food into the freezer without any reason. We have to make full use of the freezer function, and there is a lot of attention to the details.

First: food can not put the freezer too full

Freezer space can not be too crowded, food should not be placed too much, so cold free space should not flow, and a lot of food is also easy to squeeze together, the food between the bacteria cross infection. 【Fresh fruit cabinet】

Second: refusal to cool bottled drinks

Packaging food, then we'd better not put in the freezer, we put in the freezer or the door can be on it, so you can prevent the box cracking. 【Refrigerated display cabinet】

Third: refused to hot food

People are accustomed to just the pot of food in the cold storage, which can be better fresh, but this will affect the life of the freezer, it is not recommended to do so.