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Upright Freezer Storage Skills

Oct 12, 2017

Upright Freezer Storage skills

Many consumers use the upright freezer, often stored in the food storage to 5 degrees Celsius above the cold room, and this method is clearly wrong, the preservation method is not appropriate, not only affects the quality of food, and people in the food Food, it is likely to lead to food poisoning and other issues. Food to be fresh, safe and yet taste, storage skills are critical, especially the supermarket upright freezer such a large storage vertical freezer. So, how about the vertical freezer food in the end, how long is it stored? This article is briefed upright freezer storage food tips:

1, if the food safety is not sure, throw away suspicious food, do not take health joke. Because some food deterioration is difficult to identify with the naked eye, so when the food color, smell strange, even if you can not see the mold point, it should be thrown into the trash.

2, upright freezer storage of food, the best wrap two layers, or use a sealed bag, to prevent air into.

3, some fruit do not cold, such as bananas. Potatoes and onions are placed in a cool dry place and do not have to be placed in an upright freezer. The rest of the meal should be placed in a sealed lunch box, cooked for two hours after the cold storage, and finished in 3-5 days. Dongguan safe manufacturers that raw meat with plastic bags wrapped in the bottom of the vertical freezer, to prevent gravy contamination of other food.

4, long-term storage in the vertical freezer in the food surface will appear crystallization, but for food is safe, because no bacteria will survive in the refrigerator several times. In addition, the nutritional value of frozen food will be kept very well. Of course, their taste will certainly be worse than fresh food. In life, the most common problem of commercial upright freezer failure is the cold room is not cooling or cold room in the water, in fact, cold room is not a vertical freezer failure, which is often due to our negligence will lead to vertical freezer freezer There is water problems. The following Kaihua detailed talk about commercial vertical freezer freezer water main reason and the solution:

1, the food is stored, the temperature is too high without cooling directly into the vertical freezer, the hot air water content is large, in the vertical freezer will cause a lot of cooling condensate, condensate generated more than the discharge Speed will cause water.

2, the thermostat knob position is normal? Sometimes we are placed in the food is not careful to rotate the thermostat knob and do not know, the vertical freezer summer normal thermostat knob position should be 4.

3, commercial vertical freezer drain plug, row no water. 80% of the users are for this reason leading to vertical freezer freezer water. This is because the rear wall of the upright type freezer freezer compartment is in close contact with the evaporator of the refrigerated portion. When the compressor unit is operated, the evaporator of the refrigerated portion absorbs heat from the refrigerating compartment so that the temperature of the rear wall of the refrigerating compartment Reduced, resulting in a layer of uniform ice or frost on the wall.