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Upright Freezer Straight Cooling Method Advantages

Sep 01, 2017

Upright Freezer Straight cooling method advantages

Upright freezer

Upright freezer cooling methods are straight cold (frost), between the cold (air-cooled, frost-free), choose the kind of cooling, depending on the specific needs of the user how. Direct cooling method has the advantages of low power consumption, low noise, low price, strong freezing, suitable for use in dry northern and inland areas in winter, with the disadvantage of poor temperature uniformity and manual defrosting. Freezing speed, frost-free, good temperature uniformity, suitable for use in the more humid areas such as the South, the disadvantage is the power consumption, the noise is generally higher, the price is higher, the food is easy to be air-dried. In addition, there are some vertical freezer with advanced air cooling technology, that is, cold room with cold, freezer with air-cooled, fully combines the advantages of both, but this kind of fresh cabinet prices are more expensive.

Upright freezer full machine cooling temperature control accuracy

With imported compressors, microporous out of the wind, air-conditioning evenly distributed, the cabinet temperature stability, food is not air-dried. Vertical freezer with stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, easy to use, and does not pollute the food. Upright freezer humanized design, you can choose any splicing (unit external) or a single machine. Solid and solid steel frame base, plus powder coated zinc plate exterior surface, so that the vertical refrigerator cabinet is durable and elegant. The whole machine cooling temperature control precision, with defrosting temperature and defrost time double control protection, thus ensuring the vertical freezer items display and fresh effect. The following describes the vertical freezer product performance:

1, refrigerated, fresh, double temperature settings, a wide range of storage.

    2, good sealing performance of the box to effectively control the temperature changes. Reduce energy consumption.

    3, the overall shape generous decent 4, the use of foam doors and flexible door seals, with excellent sealing insulation properties

    5, dual temperature dual compressor configuration, so that the machine can operate in a variety of environments freely.

    6, a wide range of geographical use, refrigeration function at the same time use, reduce the storage requirements of goods restrictions

Upright freezers should be kept clean, free of water and stains, regular and thorough cleaning, and keep records. Aquatic products in order to ensure freshness, upright freezer should have enough crushed ice, operating fresh aquatic products, should keep the work area clean, and the case board, tools and other processing equipment for regular and thorough disinfection.