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Upright Freezer The Cooling Will Be Fast

Jun 23, 2017

Upright Freezer The cooling will be fast

Many customers just bought back to the convenience store freezer, the general temperature will be very low, that would be faster than the cooling, with a long time and found a thick layer of frozen indoor wall, that is, supermarket refrigerators Quality out of the problem, looking for maintenance master looked at the original temperature is set too low, resulting in the outlet freeze, so frost.

Summer we use air conditioning is the same reason, if you set the temperature is different, power consumption will be different, so we will generally set at 26 degrees. The temperature of the refrigerator in the refrigerator is 2 ℃ -5 ℃, the freshness of the food is no different, but set at 5 ℃ than 2 ℃ to save 20%.

Refrigerated room at 5 ℃, about 6 ℃ freezer, drink freezer in the best working condition, but also the most power. We have to let the refrigerator to keep fresh, but also to save power. Here are some ways to teach you.

First of all the kitchen freezer to be placed in a ventilated, cool place, if the cold display cabinet around the temperature is too high, will affect the hotel to stay away from the wall a certain distance, because it is convenience store freezer cooling area; Vegetables do not want to plug too full, do not frequently go to open the refrigerator, this will cause the refrigerator is not cooling or cooling effect is not ideal.

Convenience store freezer to use a long time, the door seal rubber will be aging, sealing with the lower, to be replaced. Often clean the dust on the freezer condenser, but also enhance the refrigeration, freezing effect.

In the purchase of supermarkets fresh cabinet, the first thing to look at is the performance of fresh cabinet. Now the main performance of fresh cabinet is as follows:

High quality features

1, the supermarket fresh cabinet effective volume larger

High-quality fresh cabinet technical parameters of the signs are in accordance with international standards, the national quality and technical supervision institutions over the years repeatedly sampling all qualified.

2, the supermarket temperature is constant, the cooling speed

The working temperature of the high-quality supermarket is distinguished by the optimum temperature for the storage or preservation of the food. The refrigerated cabinet is suitable for the use of plant foods to ensure that the juice contained in the food is not lower than the freezing point and keep it fresh. Freezer temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, with the temperature storage of food shelf life of up to 1 month. Quality not only by the standard to ensure that the temperature of the cabinet to meet the requirements, but also through the use of special-shaped evaporation tube and match the appropriate cooling capacity of the unit, so that high-quality fresh cabinet cooling faster.

3, supermarket fresh cabinet commercial high-power compressor

All kinds of high-quality storage cabinets using commercial compressors. Commercial compressor in addition to start performance is good, and the cooling capacity from small to large specifications complete, according to different requirements of different products to do the configuration. Only commercial compressors can be used to adapt to the use of commercial environment, the number of frequent, long running time to ensure product quality. Although the price of commercial compressors is higher than that of home compressors, the failure rate is less than two thousandths.