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What Is Best Temperature Of Freezer To Fresh Foods?

Jul 14, 2017

                                                                            What is best temperature of freezer to fresh foods?

Why temperature of the freezer must be -18 ℃? do not operate it Up to - 1℃ ?

Is it really a waste of engaging in such a low temperature?

Of course .When the refrigerator is engaging in such a low temperature ,it is really a waste .

The refrigerator have kept working for time so that internal temperature rises and compressor is  buzzing.  compressor worked frequently which increase power consumption and shorten the life of refrigerator .

This is a very disturbing problem.So, How to solve it ?Firstly,Turn down the temperature of the freezer to minus 18 ℃ or so.

Secondly , The temperature of the storage room goes up and then it can keep temperature of storage room in 0 to 8 or less for a long time .

When the temperature of the refrigerator is too high, you can turn down the temperature to minus 18 ℃ which will reduce the number of compressor working .

So ,is  it true? Obviously, NO.

There are some reason to explain it .

Firstly,different food freezing point

Secondly : microbial stop breeding to minus  -18

Thirdly: invisible chemical reaction

Fourthly: the most economical freezing temperature

To ensure the food fresh , it is very necessary to use a good refrigerators.

Here we introduced our Dukers  -10℃  to -18Kitchen Stainless Steel Refrigerators to you .