3 Door Fan Cooling Display Freezer

3 Door Fan Cooling Display Freezer
Product Details

3 door fan cooling  display freezer

1)  fan cooling system.no frost

2)  copper fins evaporator, fan cool wire condenser,high performance

3)  Brand  Dixell digital thermostat

4)  electronic control,auto-defrost function

5)  adjustable shelves,large storage space

6)  Double door  layer tempered/safety glass door

7)  aluminuim blade fan motor

8)  R134a /R600a/R290 refrigerant for option

9)  lock and keys

10) two vertical LED lights inside,one canopy light

11) Front  louver panel for comprssor compartment

12) front wind system for anti condensation on door 

13) Drain auto evaporation system

14) four castors,the front two can be with brake

15) Customed sticker for option

3 door fan cooling  display freezer

What if the freezer is not reaching the desired temperature?

 Check following

1.Thermostat or electronic controller set too warm.

2.Freezer loaded with excessive amount of warm product.

3.Excessive door openings

4.Insufficient clearance around the cabinet of freezer close to heating source(s)

5.Improper power supply

6.Condenser coil clogged with dust and/or dirt

7.Evaporator frosted up

8.Refrigerant leaks

9.Compressor burned out.




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