Commercial Refrigerated Beverage Coolers

Commercial Refrigerated Beverage Coolers
Product Details

Commercial refrigerated beverage coolers

Model Number: LG-350F                                           Product name: commercial glass front fridge

Capacity: 350L                                                            Cooling system: Fan Cooling

Color: Black or White                                                  Voltage: 220V/50Hz/60Hz Or 110V/60Hz

Material: Pre pained aluminmum                              Adjustable shelves (pcs): 3

Temperature range: 0-10                                           Glass Type: Safety Glass

Internal light vert./hor.*: Horizontal*1

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging DetailsCarton Box
Delivery Time35 Days


Package  Details


External Dimension  W*D*H(mm)  :620*595*1935

Packing Dimension  W*D*H(mm):685*665*1994

Weight net/Weight gross(kg):75/85




1.plastic bag for cutting off dusty .

2.foam will be pack on glass door and anger for preventing to hit.

3.Cartoon .

4.Bottom Wooden package for big size.



What if the freezer is not operating?

1.Power cord unplugged loose.

2.Faulty receptacle

3.Circuit breaker tripped,or blown fuse, or open supply circuit

4.Improper power supply applied to the freezer

5.Freezer switch at the front turned off.

6.Freezer in the 6minute start up delay mode.

7.Thermostat or electronic controller set for too warm temperature.


What if the freezer is making abnormal noises?

Check following :

1.The freezer unleveled

2.Parts loose

3.Condenser blade touching loose wiring.

4.Refrigerant leaked out

5.Motor bearings worn out.


What if there is water on the floor under and /or around freezer?

Check following:

1.The drain hose outside of the drain pan

2.Leak in the drain pan

3.Excessive ambient humidity and door openings



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