Commercial Upright Freezer Glass Door

Commercial Upright Freezer Glass Door
Product Details

Commercial upright freezer glass door

Basic Info

Model Number: LG-228F                                        Type: Display Cooler

Style: Single-temperature                                       Certification: CE

Capacity: 228L                                                          Temperature: 0~10deg C

Climate Type: 38deg C                                            Refrigerant: R134a/R600a

Cooling type: Fan cooling                                        Color: Black/ Grey/ Blue/Red

Glass type: Tempered glass                                    Defrost: Auto defrost

What if the freezer is not operating ?

1.Power cord unplugged or loose

2.Faulty receptacle

3.Circuit breaker tripped,or blown fuse,or open supply circuit

4.Improper power supply applied to the freezer

5.Freezer switch at the front turned off

6.Freezer in the 6-minute start up delay mode

7.Thermostat or electronic controller set for too warm temperature


Is there a door lock available?

Yes,a lock is available for each model .It is an optional item .


Are any of the products you sell used?

No,We are manufacturer and every product dukers sells is new.We don’t used items because we believe you get a better value from buying new.


Do you have a catalog?Can you mail me one?

Yes and yes.just send to our website,we will answer you as soon as possible.


Do you ever offer discounts or special sales?

We frequently offer discounts and news about special sales, as well as information about new products and other dukers news,through our email newsletter.




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